About the foundation (English version)

Charity Foundation “Polyetos” is a non-profit organization which provides help in treatment and rehabilitation of children with infantile cerebral palsy, down syndrome, autism.

The mission of the Fund:
- the system support and giving of a regular seasonable and comprehensive aid to children with restricted abilities and their families;
- assistance in the socialization and adaptation kids with special needs in the society.

The Fund's aims:
- fund-raising for treatment and rehabilitation of children with diseases;
- aid in buying of equipment and methodological literature to the rehabilitation centres and families which raise the kids with special needs;
- focusing public attention on the problems of kids with diseases;
- social adaptation of the children and families in ward of the Fund.

The History of the establishment of the Fund
In 2013 the group of not-indifferent people decided to create the charity organization for aiding to the children with infantile cerebral palsy, down syndrome, autism. The legalization of the charity organization as a legal entity which could have hada right to engage in charitable activity status wasn’t an easy task for us. For a long time we couldn’t find the right name for it. After some considerable hesitation and delay it was decided: the Fund will have the name ‘Polyetos’ which means literally "lots of mercy" in Greek.
After few months the dream of theteam came true, and on August 12th of 2013 our Fund received the certificate and status as a legal entity. Since then the Fund team supports the children in ward of the Fund and their families in different ways.
The work of our organization is transparent and easy to those who decided to support the children with special needs.

The Fund’s founder and director,
Vladimir Goroh 

"Polyetos" - Become the salvation of the children! 

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Благотворительный счёт
№ 3015445507986 в ОАО «АСБ Беларусбанк» (код банка 854) МФО 150501854

Получатель: МБФ «Полиэлиос»;
УНП 291270518
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Телефон: 8(029)185-28-61
Email: polielios@mail.ru;



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